National Peace and Justice Council aims to unite people of Pakistan and bring about peace and harmony. We look beyond sect, ethnicity and religious views and work for humanitarian grounds. We conduct regular seminars, conferences, rallies, talk shows and use media tools to spread our message.

We have offices in more than 70 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherland, Germany etc. and have more than 6000 office bearers and growing on a daily basis.

We believe that solution to our problems lies in dialogue and awareness. Over the years, we have worked in different sectors of Pakistan including education, health, justice and social. At NPJC, we are never satisfied so our efforts continue to improve the lives of a common man.

Our Aim

We aim to bring peace in Pakistan through a variety of mediums which includes seminars, conferences, rallies, media, talk shows etc.


  • Sign of Peace by Organization for World Peace (International)
  • Excellence Award by Pakistan Award Academy
  • Pride of Performance by World Peace Organization